100 Websites That Pay Freelance Writers Well

100 websites that pay freelance writers well for written content

Are you a freelance writer looking for freelance writing jobs online? Well, today is your lucky day! I know how time-consuming and stressful it can be searching the internet for the best freelance writing jobs out there. I know this because I have also spent countless hours just trying to find those websites that will really pay writers well for their writing. And no, I don’t mean content mills. I mean real, serious businesses who need talented writers and who are willing to compensate you fairly for your work.

Every freelance writer knows that time is money. So the more time you spend scouring the internet for jobs, the less time you have to write which means less money in your pocket right? Well, guess what? I have gone and done all the hard work for you. I have compiled a neat list of a whopping 100 websites that regularly need and pay freelance writers for their work. Some of these websites pay really, really well.

I have covered several niches in this list including technology, travelling, food, health and fitness, finance, poetry, short stories, the writing craft and so much more. There is something in there for almost everyone. Take some time to go through the list and you are sure to come upon a few very good leads.

100 websites that pay freelance writers wellSo without further ado, here are those 100 freelance websites that will pay you generously for your freelance writing:

1. A Fine Parent – Pays $100 up per article. Accepts articles on parenting and child rearing.

2. App Storm – Pays $60 up per article. Accepts articles about useful apps.

3. College Humor – Pays $35 – $50 per article depending on length. Accepts humorous stories about college life.

4. Salon – Pays $100 up per article. Accepts articles on politics, social commentary, culture, lifestyle

5. Washington Monthly – Pays $100 for 1000 words. Accepts pieces about government, politics, culture and media.

6. iPhone Life Magazine – Pays $50 – $100 per article. Accepts articles on iOS and iPhone issues

7. Power for Living – Pays $125 – $375 per story. Accepts stories that show the power of Christ at work.

8. Transitions Abroad – Pays $50 – $150 per article. Accepts articles on travelling, studying, living and working abroad.

9. Write Naked – Pays $50 per article. Accepts interviews with writers, articles on publishing trends etc.

10. Carve Magazine – Pays $100 per piece. Accepts poetry and short stories

11. Developer Tutorials – Pays $30 – $50 per article. Accepts programming and design guides

12. Make a Living Writing – Pays $75 per blog post. Accepts success stories on earning money through writing.

13. Dorkly – Pays $35 – $75 per article. Accepts articles on animes, drawing etc

14. Take Lessons – Pays $50 per article. Accepts articles teaching about music and musical instruments

15. Change Agent – Pays $50 per article. Accepts articles from adult students on social justice

16. The Layout – Pays $50 – $150 per article. Accepts articles about WordPress

17. Viator Travel Blog – Pays $100 – $150 per article. Accepts articles giving an inside view of travel.

18. Author Magazine – Pays $50 per article. Accepts articles on the art of writing

19. IWA Wine Blog – Pays $50 per article. Accepts articles on wine.

20. Glo Holiday – Pays $30 per article. Accepts articles on travelling.

Want the entire list? Click Here to Access the Full List Let’s start making some real money!


12 thoughts on “100 Websites That Pay Freelance Writers Well

  1. I will definitely have to check these out! Followed you on Google+, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Shared as well!

    I’m currently working as a night shift nurse Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights… 13 hour shifts. This lets me stay home with my kids during the week… BUT… the stress of the job is killing me and I spend too much of my week recuperating. I’m working hard on building my blog and my YouTube channel, but I’m still in the “work really hard right now for an awesome future” stage. Maybe if I can do some paid freelance writing I can at least cut down the number of shifts I have to work each week.


    • Hey Elisabeth!
      Greetings. Appreciate the follows :). Wow, you have a tough schedule there. I can assure you that you have made a great decision. Freelance writing can be very rewarding if you make the right decisions. All the best with this new direction. God bless!

    • Hi Roy. Thanks for the kind sentiments. I believe your calculations may be way off regarding the minimum wage. Remember that gifted writers can complete say a 500 word document in one hour or less. $50 per hour is far greater than the minimum wage in all states according to this document which shows that the minimum hourly minimum wage is between $7.25 and $11.50 per hour. If a writer can work for just 6 hours per day at $50 per hour, that’s $300 per day which is $1,500 per week (assuming 5 days of work) which is $78,000 per annum which is way above the minimum wage.

  2. Hi, followed you on facebook and will share on twitter. I’m trying to do more freelance work so am looking for advice and tips. Your book is just what I need.

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