3 Easy Ways to double Freelance Income

double freelance income nowLet’s face the cold hard facts. Many freelancers would love to increase their freelance income but have no idea how to do so without working 16 hour days and accepting jobs that pay little or nothing. The truth is you make what you think you are worth. Everything you do as a freelancer reflects the value that you place on yourself and on the services or products that you offer. The only thing that separates a freelancer that makes a great freelance income from one who is constantly worried about money is their mindset. Your mindset determines everything about your freelance business from how much you charge for your services to what jobs you are willing to accept to what you are willing to do to earn a living. Earning more freelance income is not really rocket science if you really think about it. It all comes down to your own brand image and the premium you place upon yourself. Here are 3 easy ways to legitimately double your freelance income:

Double your Fees

Bbbb…but nothing. I know you’re probably thinking ‘how on earth can I double my fees? Nobody is going to pay me that much when other freelancers are willing to work for peanuts! The fact is that charging little to nothing for your services really screams ‘help me, I am desperate and will work for food!’ And if you come across as desperate, you give the ’employer’ the upper hand and the opportunity to exploit you. The mindset that nobody will pay you what you’re worth is the same mindset that will keep your freelance income below or just around the minimum wage. Think about it for a minute. Isn’t it a fact that when something is more expensive, you tend to think that the quality is higher? It is just a natural human tendency to think that way. So why do you think it is any different with your services? I can just as easily charge $20 per hour for my services as charge $40 per hour. The difference is that by charging more, I will attract a different clientele and I will automatically give the impression that my services are top-notch. It takes confidence in yourself to charge what you think you’re worth and actually get it.

freelance income I know you may be thinking that I am speaking about some hypothetical situation that is not realistic but I have proven this for myself as a freelancer. I went from slaving for hours to earn the minimum wage freelance income to earning double that amount by simply doubling my charges. And no it didn’t take me a year to see a doubling in my earnings, it took me less than a month to do it. What you need to bear in mind though, is that you can only get away with this if in fact you do offer a top-notch service and you give customers more value for their money than the ordinary freelancer. I must admit that I was a bit nervous when I did it but I was surprised to see that instead of getting fewer offers, I actually got more offers! It stunned me at first but then I realized that I had found a way to instantly change my brand image and to earn a freelance income that was reflective of that brand image.

Don’t Bid for Low Paying Jobs

bid for freelance incomeThe natural progression from doubling your fees, is to stop bidding for low paying jobs. How someone who wants to earn freelance income can be comfortable working for $1 for writing 500 words is appalling to me. Is that really what you think you’re worth? Let’s say you write 2500 words per day, that translates to a whopping $5 for the day! I mean really? $5 for the entire day? And then you complain about how hard it is to earn freelance income. You just need to visit some of the popular freelance sites and you see exactly what I mean. It is no joke. Every freelancer needs to realize that if you bid for low-paying jobs, you will get low pay. It’s very simple. What you really need to be doing is only bidding for jobs that are worth the time you will have to invest to get it done professionally. Let me hasten to say that I am not at all knocking any of the popular freelance sites. Because the fact is that it is the freelancer who decides how much or how little they are paid. Not the ’employer’, not the client, not the freelance platform. The freelancer. Ultimately, you are the one who decides what you will and will not work for and what your freelance income will be. There are freelancers on these platforms earning very good freelance income and there are others who are wishing they were earning a good freelance income. Decide which side you would rather be on and hold your ground.

Improve your Freelance Profile

Image is everything. This is as true in the traditional job scene as it is in freelancing. How you present yourself as a freelancer is a factor that affects your freelance income. If you want to double your freelance income, you should take some time to review and revamp your profile. As a freelancer, you may have a profile on all the social media networks, on your blog or website, as well as on the freelancer job platforms. Your profile should reflect your professionalism and your work ethic. Your profile picture should be attractive and businesslike. A head shot should be sufficient and you should always try to look approachable by smiling. Ok, so maybe you don’t have the best smile but please don’t be too serious. It drives people away. In addition to the photo, what you say about yourself and your services is essential. Every profile summary should include your main keywords and tags that will allow you to be easily found by those who need your services. In addition, remember that you will only appear in search engines if you use appropriate keywords in your profile summary. Instead of reciting what you offer, speak about the benefits the customer will gain by doing business with you. No one is really interested in your services. They are really interested in what you can do for them. The prospect is more likely to buy if you make it clear in your summary what are the benefits of doing business with you as opposed to doing business with someone else. Finally, your blog, website or profile page should look attractive and should reflect the type of service or product that you are offering.

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So what are you willing to do to double your freelance income? Implement these 3 easy strategies and by next month you could have doubled your freelance income! Now scroll down and tell me know what you think in the comments section below. Have a great week people!

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