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5 Reasons Why Every Freelance Writer Should Start A Blog

freelance writer should start a blogIf you are a freelance writer who is contemplating whether you should start a blog or not, you need to read this article right now. As a freelance writer myself, my freelance writing career has benefited tremendously simply by the fact that I decided to start a blog and to maintain it. I would like to share with you 5 compelling reasons why you need to start a blog, and why the sooner you do so, the better.

1. To Create a More Professional Brand Image – As a freelance writer, you are the brand, you are the brand image. It is very difficult to build a brand image online without a blog. Yes, there is social media but social media followers can be fickle.

In your quest to make an income from freelance writing, it is important that you portray a professional image. When you start a blog, the message that it sends out is “I am a professional freelance writer”.

I have seen freelance writers with Twitter profiles with no blog link and the first thing that I think to myself is “Okay, where is your blog?” Where can I find out more about you? Where can I go to see some of your work? Because the truth is, if you are really serious about earning a good income from freelance writing, you need your very own space on the internet; you need to start a blog.

Think about it like this. Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective client. If there are 2 freelance writers who are equally qualified and talented and both are vying for the same client, but the other freelance writer has a blog and you don’t, who do you think is more likely to get the offer? If you guessed the freelance writer with the blog, then you guessed correctly.

Because really and truly, in a sense, having a blog is similar to registering your business. Businesses that are registered tend to be more trusted than those that aren’t and clients feel more comfortable doing business with someone who appears to be serious about doing business.

Likewise, if you start a blog, it indicates that you are a serious and professional freelance writer. You don’t want to give the impression that you have no abiding city. Prospects need to know that they can find you online, if they need to find you. Social media is for socializing. A blog is where you conduct business.

2. Start a Blog to Get More Leads – As a freelance writer, when you start a blog, you give yourself the opportunity to be found by people who are searching online for the services that you offer. Do you know how huge that opportunity is and what it can mean for you in dollars and cents?

Just simply having a blog gives you the opportunity to show up in search engine result pages (SERPs) and increases your chances of making sales. Did you know that over 100 billion searches are conducted on Google alone each month and that 1.17 billion people search Google every month for things that they may want to purchase? You can’t benefit from this type of traffic if you don’t start a blog.

Just a side note. I don’t want you to confuse a blog with a website. Every blog is a website but not every website is a blog. A blog is where dynamic content is created. This is what drives traffic. This is what says to Google, “what I am saying is relevant, it is up to date and it is current”. A website on the other hand is more static and changes rarely.

This is why every website should have a blog section where up-to-date, relevant information is fed to the search engines on a regular basis. The blog is what is going to send more leads to you as a freelance writer. Isn’t this alone sufficient reason for you to start a blog? If you still need convincing, read on.

3. To Build Authority and Brand Awareness – If you do your investigations, you will realize that the most financially successfully freelance writers have their own blog. In addition, if you should question them, you would learn that having a blog has been the main contributing factor to their success. The blog is the tool that they use for marketing and to build authority and brand awareness in their specific niches.

When you start a blog, after awhile you will realize that you have created a vast database of knowledge that helps to portray you as an authority in your niche. Can you imagine having hundreds of articles in a single location about a particular subject? This database is a valuable resource that tells people that you know your stuff and that you are a leader in your field. The more blog posts or articles that you put out, the more people become aware of you and your services. This is how you build authority and brand awareness online.

4. To Increase Your Influence – If you start a blog as a freelance writer, you are immediately increasing your influence. A blog is what is going to give you an audible voice online and it is what you will use to influence people’s decisions. By simply using blogging as a means of voicing your opinion on a matter or by giving people additional information on a subject, you are influencing their views and giving them different perspectives.

People listen to bloggers. This is why some companies are willing to pay bloggers to use their products and to write product reviews on their behalf. A person of influence will find it easier to attract sales than someone who has very little influence. Blogging gives you the avenue to connect with people emotionally which is really what drives sales. As a freelance writer, this is what you want to do, drive sales.

5. To Improve Your Writing Skills – One sure way of becoming a better writer, is by writing more often. Blogging is all about writing and researching. Once you start a blog, you will be writing more often. This means that you have the opportunity to increase your writing speed, increase your knowledge since you will have to conduct research for your writing, and to get your creative juices flowing freely on a regular basis.

Since I decided to start a blog, my writing speed has increased tremendously and I can now easily write 3000 words on a daily basis. As a freelance writer, this means that I can complete more jobs on a daily basis and therefore earn more. The same thing applies to you.

Influence is the ability to connect, engage and get individuals to act on what you have to say. Influence is increasing your listener’s trust, and believability in you” – Stacey Hanke

While blogging does take time and effort, the costs of blogging outweigh the benefits to you as a freelance writer. At the end of the day, if you make the decision to start a blog, you will appear more professional, get more leads, build authority and brand awareness, increase your influence and also improve your writing skills. Why not start a blog today? It’s easier than you may think!

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WordPress for Beginners: A Simple Guide to Blogging for Profit

8 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Every Freelance Writer Should Start A Blog

  1. I myself can testify to the boost running a well designed and cared for blog can provide to a freelance writer, or anyone else trying to start a business especially on line. From leads, to profit, to personal growth, which is the most important in my book. Great article!!

    • Thanks for sharing your views Robert! I think the fear of not being able to maintain a blog keeps many freelance writers from doing it. But if they only knew the benefits, they wouldn’t hesitate to get started right away.

    • Hey Donna. I’m glad you found the article informative. Yes, its true. Blogging does help you to improve your writing skills. All the best with your freelance writing career! Here’s to bigger and better things ahead!

  2. I like the idea of creating a blog that brings in targeted traffic and new clients, so that you don’t need to worry about seeking out clients all the time, and you can just sit back and wait for them to come to you. That’s what I’m trying to do with my website at the moment, I want to optimize it to attract clients. Great article and I also am a huge fan of blogging for your business!

    • Timothy it is always great to SEO optimize your blog so that you can be found easily on search engines such as Google. Once you get it right, you are guaranteed a certain amount of traffic. I believe that is the power of blogging. It makes you more visible. Best of luck with your website :).

  3. I guess I should read your book and study some more on the subject of how to optimize for SEO, it’s just that several bloggers have free guides on how to do it step by step-do you have a secret that I should not miss out on? My hesitation is going from a free site to a premium one before I know all the risks and benefits.

    • Hey Kim,
      Thanks for stopping by! The free guides are okay but they don’t usually tell you everything in details. That’s exactly why I wrote the book because I found that there wasn’t a single resource that would tell me everything I needed to know about how to create a successful blog. I had to read several different resources and put the pieces together myself which took lots of time and effort.Your fear of going to premium is understandable and in my book I explain what is the right time for you to self-host. There are risks of course but the greater the risk, the greater the reward right? I believe the rewards far outweigh the risks. Buy the book. It’s an investment that will be worth a million dollars to you :)!

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