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6 Reasons You Earn No Money Online

no money onlineThese days everybody and their brother wants to earn money online. And who can blame them? The internet has opened up brand new untapped markets that present great income earning opportunities for those who dare to take the plunge. The hope of earning tons of money online has given several persons the notion that this is an easy way to make some good money. While that may be true for some people, not very many bloggers get rich by making money online.

A 2012 survey revealed that more than 81% of bloggers never even make $100 from blogging Click To Tweet

With blogging being such a popular choice, it is difficult to wrap your mind around the fact that not many bloggers are making money online. If you happen to fall into this category, here are 6 reasons why you may not be making any money online as a blogger.

1. You haven’t been blogging long enough – There is a great misconception that you can set up a blog today, fill it up with 10 or more pre-written posts, advertise it on social media and whalla, money should come rolling in! The truth is that this is simply not how it works in most cases. Most successful bloggers will tell you that they did not begin to earn money online overnight. It takes time to build a loyal following. It takes time to build credibility. It takes time to build trust. These are things that money cannot buy. If you have been blogging for less than 2 years, it may be unreasonable for you to expect to make a lot of money online. Some new bloggers may get frustrated if they have been blogging for 6 months and haven’t made any money online. Well, if you are in such a position, your expectations may be over the top. Google Adsense is a popular blog monetization choice for new bloggers. However, if your blog isn’t at least 6 months old, it is very unlikely that Google will approve your Google Adsense application. So continue blogging, continue writing. Build your blog a day at a time and eventually, you will get to the point where you can earn money online.

2. People don’t trust you… If I learned nothing else in my Marketing course, I learned this one thing. People buy from people who they like and trust. This is even more applicable online. With cyber crimes becoming increasingly common, more and more people are wary about their online spending practices. If your blog is filled with advertisements and very little valuable content, it may give readers the impression that you’re just out to milk them of their hard-earned money. Unlike a regular website, a blog should really be focused on content. When readers feel like you have given them great content by answering their questions, and addressing their concerns, they are more likely to take out their Mastercard and place an order from your blog. Making money online as a blogger has a whole lot to do with trust. Having a privacy policy and terms and conditions also may make readers feel more comfortable completing transactions on your blog. A “Contact” page is a must and the more ways you may be contacted, the better.

3. Your products and services are unrelated to your content – Content marketing is about using content to point your readers toward a product or service that will solve a problem that they have. If you blog about dogs, your ideal products or services should have something to do with dogs. In other words, don’t monetize your blog with unrelated products and services. Earning money online becomes much simpler when your messages complement each other.

4. You aren’t marketing effectively – Any plans you have of making money online should be supported by an effective marketing plan. You need to make people aware of your blog and what it is about. This is where social media comes in. Social media networks are where you will find many of your online prospects. However, bear in mind that people don’t want to be sold to in social media. They want to engage, they want to build relationships, they want to have conversations. Apart from sharing your blog posts with your social media followers, you should also be using social media to share other valuable tips and advice with your prospects without a ‘buy’ message attached. This can take the form of a relevant quotation that you can tweet or post on your Facebook fan page. Tools such as those offered by Hootsuite can help you to effectively manage your social media marketing efforts by helping you to schedule posts and to manage all networks from a single platform. You can also track the performance of your social media efforts. According to a February 2015 Global PwC survey among 19,000 online shoppers worldwide,

19% of customers buy more based on their interaction with brands on social media Click To Tweet

5. You aren’t following up with your prospects – Very few persons will buy a product or service upon their first exposure to it. According to the Marketing Rule of 7, a prospect needs to be exposed to your message at least 7 times before they will buy your product or service. This can be very difficult to accomplish if you don’t have a loyal database of prospects who regularly visit your blog. One way of getting around this and getting closer to making money online, is by building a list of prospects to whom you can effectively market through email on a regular basis. There are some good email marketing tools available for you to automatically send emails to prospects who have opted in to your email subscription list (I am assuming of course that you DO have a way of capturing email addresses…which you should). This is also great way for you to send your blog posts out to prospects each time you post them. Get this going and you are well on your way to making some money online through your blog.

6. Your content is not fresh – Readers like fresh, regularly updated content. Nobody likes stale news. If someone visits your blog and sees that you haven’t posted anything new for the last two months, they may get the impression that you aren’t serious about blogging and that you will soon cease to exist. People don’t buy from businesses that they expect to close down unless they can get items that are being sold out at a cheap price. Assuming you are not planning on closing down your blog anytime soon, you should keep your blog fresh and relevant. This way, making money online will become easier.

Making money online as a blogger may be hard work but is very possible to earn a decent income. What are some other things you think may be preventing bloggers from making money online? What has your own experience been?

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