Reflections on Brexit and Why I Chose Freelancing Over Job Stability

Brexit is the word on everyone’s lips these days. And people are wondering why on earth did the UK vote to exit the European Union. Many believe that the move was an error that will have long term negative implications. Me, I’m still not yet quite certain what I make of it all. There are … Read more

6 Freelancing Goals Every Freelancer Should Set

Freelancing goals are essential for freelancing success. Anything great that was ever accomplished very likely started as a goal. Not just a dream, but a written tangible goal with an accompanying plan of action. As a freelancer, the better you are at goal setting, the more likely it is that you will accomplish something worthwhile … Read more

The Real Reason Female Freelancers Earn Less

What many of us female freelancers regard as sexism and discrimination is really self-discrimination. And we need to stop stabbing ourselves in the heart and then turning around and blaming the world for stabbing us in the back and for not paying us what we are worth. I have written previously about gender discrimination in … Read more

Day In the Life of a Work From Home Freelance Writer – Part 2

Yesterday I shared with you what my morning looks like as a Work From Home Freelance Writer. Today I am going to give you a sneak peak into what the rest of my day usually looks like. This post was prompted by someone who asked me what a freelance writer does and I have attempted … Read more

Day In The Life of a Work From Home Freelance Writer – Part 1

I met someone this past week who asked me what I did for a living. I told her that I was a work from home freelance writer and to my surprise she told me that she didn’t know what a freelance writer does. Well I guess I shouldn’t have been that much surprised but I … Read more

3 Simple Ways to Increase Freelance Cash Flow

As a freelancer do you often wonder how to increase freelance cash flow? Cash flow issues remain the leading concern of freelancers all over the world. And rightly so, because if too little cash is coming in relative to the amount of cash that is going out, then we have a problem. Just like any … Read more

4 Reasons to Increase Your Freelance Rates Now

The most financially successful freelancers set freelance rates that reflect their experience, their level of expertise and the amount of value added service that they can provide. Using random freelance rates just based on what other freelancers are charging may not be the best way to establish a good income as a freelancer.¬†As a freelancer, … Read more

This Should Go Viral – Writing For Your Mood

I am not feeling it this Friday. Really, I don’t feel like writing this blog post this week. No motivation. Just not feeling it. Maybe the sun is at a weird angle as suggested by Emily in her stellar, inspiring article entitled “Writing For Your Mood“. Loved every sentence in this article! If you are … Read more

The Freelance Job Offer That Kept Me Laughing

Have you ever received a freelance job offer that kept you laughing? I received one this past week and I have decided to share it with you guys. I just love it when I get offers from prospective clients to complete jobs on their behalf. It is just a great feeling to actually be offered … Read more

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