How to Set Up Google Analytics on Your WordPress Blog or Website

how to set up Google Analytics on Your WordPress Blog or Website

This short video tutorial shows you how to set up Google Analytics on your blog or website so that you can easily track what is going on behind the scenes. ¬†You will also learn how to install a Google Analytics plugin so that you can access that information right from your dashboard or admin panel. … Read more

5 Ways To Get More Social Media Shares

Social media shares may be considered among the most desired outcomes among online marketers. Everyone wants their content to be shared by more people. Because the more people who share your content on social media, the more exposure you get and the more likely that your message will reach more of your target audience. This … Read more

3 Things That Don’t Really Matter to Your Blogging Success

What really matters to your blogging success? Recently I’ve been reminded that in every service business, we really need to focus on the things that are important and the things that will truly make a difference at the end of the day. When all is said and done, it’s not the big, expensive things that … Read more

Online Marketing for Beginners: 5 Lies You Need to Trash

Online Marketing is probably one of the best things ever discovered for persons like me who hate traditional sales and who hate running after people to get them to buy something. I love marketing but I absolutely hate sales – traditional sales that is. But online marketing makes it so much easier to attract prospects … Read more

How Blogging Has Propelled My Freelance Career

Blogging has been the best thing that I have done to propel my freelance career. Just a few years ago, I would not have imagined myself having my own website and actually working from home successfully as a freelance writer. It was a distant dream at the time that I pushed to the back of … Read more

My AB Testing Results – Why Every Single Word Matters

I am now a huge fan of the Sumome plugin for list building and recently, I decided to follow their advice and to do some AB testing of my pop-up email subscription boxes. I have been conducting this test since December 2015 so that’s a whopping 4 months of testing! Which means that my results … Read more

4 Truths You Should Know About Making Money Online

What have you heard about making money online? Have you heard that it is the best way to earn 6 figures or the best way to make money fast? While there is some truth in these notions, they are not completely true. Making money online is not as simple or as easy as some may … Read more

The Most Common Reason Your Email Campaigns Are Failing

You have probably heard it said that email marketing is one of the most effective forms of online marketing available today. In fact, email marketing is said to give an average of a whopping 3800% return on investment (ROI). Compared to social media marketing, blogging and other types of online marketing, email marketing is way … Read more

How to Find the Best Freelance Jobs Online

Since all jobs are not created equal, it may take some work to find the best freelance jobs online. As you gain more experience as a freelancer, you will realize that the best freelance jobs online are not necessarily those that are listed on online freelance marketplaces. In fact, because the freelance market is becoming … Read more

How to Launch a Successful Freelance Business

Many persons wonder whether they will be able to launch a successful freelance business. The number one concern among both existing and prospective freelancers is how to generate a steady stream of freelance jobs. Because, when all is said and done, your success as a freelancer hinges on your ability to always have jobs in … Read more

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