5 Ways To Get More Social Media Shares

Social media shares may be considered among the most desired outcomes among online marketers. Everyone wants their content to be shared by more people. Because the more people who share your content on social media, the more exposure you get and the more likely that your message will reach more of your target audience. This … Read more

Why Every Freelancer Should Start a Blog

Every freelancer should start a blog in order to: Establish a professional brand image Get a steady stream of leads Build your authority and brand awareness Establish credibility If you have been putting it off, right now is the right time to start a blog and to take your freelance career to the next level. … Read more

Why I Will Not Add You To My LinkedIn Network!

Please Add Me to Your LinkedIn Network Ping! It was another email from LinkedIn notifying me of a request made by someone to join my LinkedIn network. Like I always do, I clicked on the button that would allow me to view the person’s profile. The name did not ring a bell and the face … Read more

Are You Wasting Your Time When You Start a Blog?

I decided to start a blog about 3 years ago. Since then, I have gone on to start other blogs and blogging has become a real passion of mine. In fact, blogging and related activities take up a major part of my daily activities. I am a full-time freelance writer and blogger and many times … Read more

How to Increase Website Traffic with Hashtags

Would you like to know how to increase website traffic with hashtags? It’s pretty easy and anyone can see more traffic coming to their blogs or websites by using hashtags properly. Hashtags aren’t just a trendy symbol that millennials use on social media to indicate that they are young and trendy! No, hashtags actually serve … Read more

How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme

How do you choose the best WordPress theme for your blog? WordPress offers several different themes for you to choose from. It can be overwhelming to decide exactly which theme is the best theme for your blog or website. The aesthetics and how the theme looks is not the only thing that needs to be … Read more

OMG! How Did I Get 1,364 Website Visitors in One Day?

OMG! How did I get 1364 website visitors in one day

Oh my God! I still cannot believe it! Oh my God. If I didn’t see it with my own two (2) eyes I would not believe it for a minute! How on earth did I get 1,364 website visitors in a single day? I am still trying to figure out how that happened and I’m … Read more

If Social Media Networks Were People

If Twitter were a girl, what type of girl would she be? If Facebook had a face, what would that face look like? Have you ever thought about the different personalities of all the different social media networks? Every single one of them is different from the other just like no two persons are exactly … Read more

Don’t Let Social Media Stats Drive You Nuts!

social media nuts

Okay okay I will be the first one to admit that I’m a numbers girl. I measure every little thing and as you can imagine also being a blogger that nothing escapes me when it comes to numbers or analytics. So I watch my numbers closely, every day. I don’t like to think of it … Read more

Social Media Management for Bloggers

Social media management is something that some bloggers struggle with. It can be extremely difficult to find the time to maintain an active, meaningful presence on your social media networks without dedicating lots of time to it. However, fortunately there are tools available, such as Hootsuite that can help you to manage several social media profiles quickly and easily while you go about conducting other essential activities.

Hootsuite allows you to schedule your social media posts beforehand on up to as many as 50 social media accounts. In addition, with Hootsuite, you can send up to a whopping 350 messages at any one time! This short video will show you how you can use Hootsuite to manage your social media like a Fortune 500 company!


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