How to Earn Extra Cash as a Freelance Book Editor

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If you are looking for a way to supplement your income, you could earn extra cash as a Freelance Book Editor. Whether you want to work from home or to simply earn some extra cash to supplement your current income, by offering your services as a freelance book editor you give yourself a great opportunity to earn.

As at 2013, there were between 600,000 and 1 million books published in the United States alone! And the numbers continue to climb on an annual basis! What does this mean? It means that there is work available for freelance book editors. Despite the fact that many of the books that are published are self-published, authors are always in need of editors to edit their manuscripts. Although some authors will opt to self-edit, the vast majority seek the services of a skilled freelance book editor.

That’s where you come in. Although you won’t earn as much as a freelance writer would, you can still earn a very good side income as a freelance book editor.

How Much Does a Freelance Book Editor Earn?

According to the Editorial Freelancer’s Association, freelance book editors earn anywhere between $30 and $100 per hour depending on the level of expertise and the scope of editing done. Freelance editing jobs may range from light editing to indexing, to layouts, researching, transcribing, web design and actually writing.

So depending on your background, it is possible to earn a decent supplemental income as a freelance book editor. Even if you have no experience as an editor, it is possible for you to earn extra cash as a freelance book editor. The extra cash can come in handy in saving towards a vacation or towards other goals such as building an emergency fund or saving towards the purchase of a home. Maybe you want to pay off debts that may have started to pile up. Whatever the reason for wanting to earn extra cash, if you have certain characteristics and certain skills, you can do very well as a freelance copy editor.

What Skills Make a Good Freelance Book Editor?

The best freelance book editors have a natural love and a passion for reading. They could spend hours and hours just reading and consuming written content. A good candidate for freelance book editing is also someone who has a talent and a love for writing.

The most talented freelance book editors have a good eye for details and are usually able to spot grammatical and other writing errors easily. If you find yourself correcting people’s written or oral utterances, then you may make a very good book editor.

If you are able to spot writing mistakes that the average person misses, you could earn extra cash as a freelance book editor. Some persons may even accuse you of being a perfectionist when it comes to insisting on “correct” writing. You are a good candidate for this type of job if you can pick up style inconsistencies easily.

As stated previously, previous formal experience is not a prerequisite for becoming a freelance book editor. Maybe you are the person that classmates used to turn to for help in reading over their written assignments while in school. Or maybe they always relied on you for help with writing. If this sounds anything like you, seriously consider how you can earn extra cash as a freelance editor.

 A good freelance book editor is also someone who is not afraid to be objective with their opinions and not afraid to point out errors to clients. After all, this is what authors will be paying you to do so you shouldn’t be afraid to be critical. This is one circumstance in which being overly critical is a good thing.

Where to Find Freelance Book Editing Jobs

There are always authors on the look out for good freelance book editors. To find clients, a good place to start is by creating a profile on freelancer platforms and/or on LinkedIn. There is a mistaken notion that LinkedIn is only for traditional employees. This is far from true. There are several freelancers using LinkedIn to grow and establish their freelancing careers. But if you are an employee, adding book editing as a skill on your profile can also help you to pick up a side job. LinkedIn is also an excellent place to find jobs that may pay a little more than freelance platforms.

But to improve your chances of being found and hired as a freelance book editor, you should definitely establish a profile on freelancer platforms. There are several freelancer platforms to choose from. Some of the more popular freelancer marketplaces include Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, and Fiverr. These are great places to start to establish yourself and to acquire some experience. Be certain to create some samples of work so that your portfolio will stand out.

Google searches can also return good job leads. You may start by simply conducting a search with the keywords “Editors wanted”. You should get a long list of options that you can explore.

Advertising your services online or in local newspapers is also a way for potential clients to find you. Better yet, if you operate a blog, this will serve as a live online portfolio of your writing skills and a great way for potential clients to find you. Just by having or starting your own blog, you put yourself at an advantage over other candidates who may not have one.


There is a great demand for freelance book editors. If you have a love for reading, a critical eye for details, have great writing skills and want to earn some extra cash, consider offering services as a freelance book editor. You could earn anywhere from $30 – $100 per hour and no prior experience is needed to break into freelance editing. Work from home and earn extra cash as a freelance book editor.

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