The Freelance Job Offer That Kept Me Laughing

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Have you ever received a freelance job offer that kept you laughing? I received one this past week and I have decided to share it with you guys. I just love it when I get offers from prospective clients to complete jobs on their behalf. It is just a great feeling to actually be offered a “job” without having applied for that job. So, I was understandably very elated last week when I received an email to say that I had received a freelance job offer and that I should review the terms to see whether they were to my satisfaction.

I eagerly clicked on the link in order to see exactly what this prospective client had in store for me. I don’t know about you but I love surprises. I have profiles on several different online freelance marketplaces and this offer was based on the blog writing services that I offer on one such marketplace. My rates are clearly announced on all my profiles. Here is what the message said:

I have carefully read your profile. I would recommend that you join my job. Please feel free to join our team. Regards.”

Sounds good, I thought. Let me check out what they want me to do and what they have to offer. When I saw the offer, I burst out into laughter! I mean uncontrollable laughter that I found it hard to contain. This was just my immediate reaction when I saw the freelance job offer.

What??? A grand total of $25 (US) to write 10-500 word blog posts!! I checked the date on the calendar. No, it wasn’t April Fools day. It was April 4th so maybe the message was actually sent out on April Fool’s day but I hadn’t seen it in my inbox until April 4th. Yep, that must have been the case. Because this was absolutely ludicrous!

Or maybe, it was a typo and they forgot the zero at the end of the $25. Yes, that sounded more realistic. I mean people make typing mistakes all the time right. So that must have been the case. Maybe it was one of those typos like the 10 Most Expensive typos that my fellow blogger, Renard Moreau shared in a video post recently.

I was laughing not because I found this freelance job offer funny at all but because it was so ridiculous. And I needed instant therapy,instant medicine. After all, laughter is the best medicine! So let’s do the math here. $25 for 10 posts which means that each post would pay $2.50 per post. And since each post would be 500 words which would take roughly one hour to write, it would mean that the compensation would be $2.50 per hour! Wow!

What was even more hilarious and surprising to me, was the fact that a total of 17 other freelancers who had received the same freelance job offer, had actually accepted the offer! Why??? Why would I be willing to work for 1 hour only to receive $2.50 at the end of the hour? To me it’s simply not worth it!

I have come to realize that there are freelancers out there who would do anything just to earn a dollar. But this does not augur well for the freelancing market at all. It just makes freelancers seem like slave laborers who have no choice but to accept what is offered. And that should definitely not be the case.

If we as freelancers are prepared to accept these ridiculously low rates, there is no way that we are going to earn the respect of anyone, including those prospective clients who make those ridiculous offers.

Let’s Make a Change

So let’s make a change. I know based on my own experience that there is good money to be made in freelancing and in particular in freelance writing. Just yesterday I attended a webinar put on by Ray Edwards entitled How to Write a $10 Million Sales Page. During the webinar, he recounted the story of how a particularly gifted copy writer managed to write a sales page that generated more than $10 million in revenue! A single sales page!

While I haven’t managed to accomplish any such great feats (yet), I know that there is money to be made in freelance writing and in freelancing in general. But we can’t make any significant income if freelancers continue to accept ridiculous freelance job offers such as the one I mentioned above. It just won’t happen!

I am so passionate about this subject that I wrote a book about it. This book is an excellent guide and resource for those who want to know what it takes to write and grow rich. Would you like to know how to write and grow rich?

8 thoughts on “The Freelance Job Offer That Kept Me Laughing

    • Hey Alice,
      As freelancers the buck stops with us and we have the opportunity to decide what rates we will accept and what we won’t accept. Its time that freelancers stop accepting crumbs. Our worth is invaluable! Thanks for contributing to the conversation.

    • I agree with you Nicole. I knew it was bad but I never really realized how bad it actually was. Self worth has a lot to do with it as you correctly indicate. Thanks for sharing in the conversation.

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