build quality backlinks with these strategies from the experts

How to Build Quality Backlinks: 7 Experts Share Their Strategies

build quality backlinks with these strategies from the expertsAs a blogger, one of the things you may be very concerned about is how to build quality backlinks. The more quality backlinks you can get, the more likely it is that your blog or website will rank high in the SERPs (search engine result pages) and that means more traffic which means more sales. And let’s be honest here. We would all love to rank higher in the SERPs especially if we are blogging for profit. And strategic link building will help us to do just that. On page SEO and producing great content will get you so far and no further. To really get more traffic to your website, you also need to pay attention to your link building strategy.

But not any old link will do. The fact is that not all links are created equal and some strategies will produce way more positive results (read link juice) than other strategies. There is also a right way and a wrong way to build quality backlinks. I did some research to find out what the experts had to say about this subject and the results I came up with are worthy of sharing with you, my awesome readers! These experts are the best in the business and they know what they are talking about so make sure you take good notes. Here goes:

Darren Rowse, ProBlogger – Darren Rowse over at ProBlogger offers some solid advice on how to build quality backlinks. He offers 3 powerful link building strategies for bloggers. His advice is to re-purpose content by creating slideshows, making podcasts, producing videos, producing ebooks and posting on Q&A forums such as Quora. Can you see the genius in this advice? You really don’t have to worry too much about producing new content every time. By re-purposing your existing content, you get the opportunity to share your work on a wider range of forums, thereby increasing your reach through this great link building strategy.

Another word of advice offered by Rowse is making a big deal over content that has done particularly well. So if for example, a post received a high level of shares on social media or a lot of comments, you should use that post as a means of spreading the word about your blog. His advice is to freshen old content that did well and to share again through forums such as Redditt and Growth Hackers. Or you may pin a popular post to the top of your blog feed or on your social media profiles.

Finally, he encourages bloggers to use email marketing as a strategy to build quality backlinks.

Neil Patel: I keep hearing the name Neil Patel everywhere I go in the blogosphere. The other day I heard his name mentioned 3 times in one day! This man is a blogging genius and he has proven that he knows what he is talking about when it comes to blogging and online marketing. If you don’t know who Neil Patel is, you need to find out. I will share a few of his thoughts about building quality backlinks.

Neil advises bloggers to submit their posts to high quality sites that offer do-follow links. This means that you would benefit from all the link juice that these high PR websites have. He cautions against enlisting in blog directories that have no real level of authority and that really offer insignificant value when it comes to link juice. I must admit that I have been guilty of submitting to any and every blog directory without really reaping any tangible benefits myself. After reading what Neil Patel says on the subject, that stops right now. I suggest you do the same. He also offers the following advice:

  • Use Google alerts with RSS and Ifttt to get backlinks through brand mentions and bookmarking the links on Delicious.
  • Blog commenting using Scrapebox
  • Try to get a link listed on DMoz (high PR website)
  • Use Disqus for blog commenting – I personally hate the idea of having to register to post a simple blog comment but Neil thinks it’s worth it so I may just give it a second chance. Who knows?
  • Look for relevant broken links on .edu and .gov sites, use to determine what type of content was on the page, recreate relevant content and reach out to the webmasters! How on earth did he come up with this? Genius I tell you!
  • Make embedding of your content simple
  • Use your Twitter profile to include 2 links to your blog/website
  • Use Tynt to copy and paste and build links

He offers several other link building strategies that you can check out.

Moz Blog – Moz is an authority site on internet marketing and they offer the following advice for building high quality backlinks:

  • Consider link signals such as global popularity, local popularity, anchor text, trust rank, social sharing etc.
  • Create great content so that others will naturally want to link to your blog
  • Submit to blog directories, and link exchange among bloggers
  • Ask customers to link to your blog
  • Write newsworthy content
  • Avoid buying links which may get you in trouble with Google and other search engines

Entrepreneur This is one of my favorite online information resources. These ideas are very creative and include:

  • Building helpful tools that industry partners can link to eg. Headline generator or Alexa rank tool etc.
  • Targeting journalists through Facebook ads. The aim is to get them to link to your blog posts.
  • Sponsoring local events so that local businesses can link to you in their event promotion
  • Producing humorous content that has wide appeal
  • Link exchange

Semrush – The guys over at Semrush believe that the winning formula to build quality backlinks is a combination of relevancy, trust and finding an authoritative website to link to. This includes:

  • Linking to sites with .edu, .gov and .org extensions
  • Broken link technique
  • Creating valuable resources for your niche
  • Skyscraper technique – finding great content and building on it to add more value
  • “Natural” guest blogging
  • Using Semrush to find your competitor’s common backlinks
  • Turning mentions into backlinks
  • Publishing embeddable infographics
  • Creating lists linking to valuable, authoritative content
  • Product outreach
  • Creating ebooks, guides, whitepapers, how-to manuals

Link Research Tools – This authority site is a very useful resource for your link building and SEO strategies. Here is the advice offered by Link Research Tools:

  • Simply asking fellow bloggers or webmasters for backlinks
  • Using forums, blogs and social groups to build relationships that foster sharing of information
  • Writing a testimonial or review of a product or service
  • Enlisting in quality blog directories
  • Guest posting
  • Getting indirect backlinks from the competition
  • Using mentions to build backlinks
  • Using social media
  • Publishing embeddable infographics
  • Building list posts
  • Publishing research and case studies
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Giving added value in your content

Red Evolution Red Evolution has these suggestions about how to build quality backlinks:

  • Publish content worth linking to
  • Avoid link spam
  • Using forums
  • Avoid link farms

So there you have it folks. The experts have spoken. Now all you need to do is to follow their advice. It’s a simple as that. No need to reinvent the wheel. If you use these tried and tested link building techniques, you will be well on your way to getting more traffic and ranking higher on SERPs. Happy link building :)!



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