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How To Cash In on The Internet with Freelance Writing

Hi guys. Today we’re going to be talking about turning all your writing passions into cash. Now I know some of you guys you love to write and you’d love to know how you can turn some of that passion that you have for writing, how you can make some money from that. And that is what we’re gonna be talking about today. And the specific topic is blogging. That’s one of my favorite topics.

Now, why should you start a blog, you’re a writer. Why would you want to start a blog? There are several reasons why you’d want to start a blog as a writer. First of all, you want to cash in on the internet. Now the internet provides us with a great opportunity to earn money and there’s a lot of potential to earn money on the internet and the potential is, its highly untapped and by starting a blog you can begin to tap some of that potential. You can also start a blog to make passive income, to market your personal brand. Now as a freelance writer it’s important that you build a brand image that is strong, a brand image that will help you to get more clients and to attract more business. And a blog would also help you to establish yourself as a thought leader. Now everybody wants to be seen as a thought leader and this will only serve to propel your freelance writing career. You can also start a blog to help you to fulfil your writing passions. And of course, it’s going to help to propel your career as well. Now there are several things that you could be blogging about and you might be wondering what on earth should I blog about. What niche, what niche market should I target?

Now if you want to be blogging for profit, it is important that you find a profitable niche. And that involves looking for a high interest topic. For eg. Fitness or personal finances. Now these two, these two niches are always very profitable because people always want to know how to improve their personal financial situation, and they always want to know how to lose weight, get fit, become healthier. So those are always highly profitable niches.

Now how you go about doing this as a freelance writer is that you would conduct your keyword research and of course I always recommend Google keyword Planner. You’d use that tool to find your highly search for keywords. Once you find a keyword combination where you have a high search volume and a medium to high competition level, you know that you have found a profitable niche market. And that is how you would go about finding what should you be blogging about in order to make a profit. Now it makes no sense for you to blog about something that you’re just passionate about but there’s no profitability in it. You need to find something that offers some amount of profitability.

Okay so once you’ve found that keyword, you know that niche, that profitable blog niche, you are ready to set up your blog. And setting up the blog is pretty simple. All you need to do to get started, really, is to just purchase a domain name. That’s the name that people would type into the browser to get to your blog. And you’re going to get hosting for the blog. The hosting is just where your blog will be made live and available to persons on the internet. Right, so there are hosting companies that will host your blog for you. And of course I always recommend that you use the WordPress content management system because it’s simple to use, it’s easy to use and you can start using it even without any experience at all.

Once you’ve set up your blog, it’s time to start writing. It’s time to start doing what you love to do and that’s the writing aspect of it. Now, you’re always going to be writing but you have to be writing with your target audience in mind. So whatever you write on your blog, whatever posts you publish, they must have the target audience in mind. And you should always optimize each blog post for the search engines. So there are particular things that you can do to ensure that your blog posts and your articles are easily found when people go to the search engines to search for particular topics. This involves using keywords, using tags and your categories wisely. And of course, you should only be publishing only high quality content. And that is what is going to help you to make money online as a blogger.

Of course you have to monetize the blog if you’re going to make money. You can’t just publish articles and make money from that alone. You’re going to have to find ways and means of monetizing your blog. There are quite a few ways you can do this. You can advertise your services, So if you offer particular services as a writer, you probably write blog articles for persons, or some other type of service, you can offer those for sale on your blog. You can also set up a shopping cart and sell whatever products you want to sell right there from your blog. You can join affiliate programs where you sell affiliate products for your affiliate partners. And you can also sell advertising space on your blog. And there are several other ways. These are just a few of the ways that you can monetize your blog.

Now once your blog is monetized, you definitely have to market it. Persons will not know about your blog, they will not know about your services and the products that you sell unless you market. You have to market it. You have to make people aware of it and this involves social media. So you share your posts on social media, you create a presence on social media so people know you and trust you. Of course you’re going to have to build a network with other bloggers you know to increase your influence and your, just to build your reputation online. Ahm, I always recommend that bloggers have an email subscription list. This is vital for you to have an email subscription list because these are people who have indicated that they are interested in something that you have on your blog and this is a way of keeping in touch with them on a regular basis. Of course you can always do guest posts as bring, you know to allow people to know about your blog. Comment on other blogs and list your blog in blog directories and so on. Several little different ways that you can market your blog. These are just a few of them.

Once you begin marketing your blog now, and you’ve had your blog for a while, you need to maintain the blog. You can’t just have it there, post one or two posts and that’s it. You need to post regularly and this is what is going to make the difference between a successful blogger and the blogger who is not successful. You’re going to have to reply to your comments. People are going to be commenting and you need to let them know that you appreciate their comments and you need to build a relationship with your readers. You always need to give good value, good valuable content that you can actually use and accomplish something. And like I said, you need to update your blog regularly. It’s very important because your readers will be looking out for your blog posts and you need to have them ready for your readers when they come. Be consistent and also if something is not working, you need to change it.

Now you need to keep your eyes on the money. If you’re going to make money from blogging, you need to be focused. Right and you can start earning money in a very short period of time. Ahm, it all depends on how everything comes together, how well you do your marketing, how well you find your target audience. A lot of factors will determine how soon you start to earn money. But the thing about blogging is that, you can, it has the potential for you to earn as much as you determine. And it allows you to earn both passive and active income. You, through blogging, you can join the ranks of online earners. Now there are several, several persons who are earning money online. You can be a part of this group. You can do it full-time, you can do it part-time. Whatever it is you can earn money through blogging.

Now I am offering to help you to do your blogging like a professional. And how you’re going to do that is you are going to use the WordPress platform first and foremost. That’s the platform I use, that’s the platform that a lot of other bloggers and website owners use because it is so easy to use and it is a sturdy, robust and secure content management system. If you work with me I’ll teach you all the jargon there is about, to learn about blogging because there are a lot of words that are not familiar, so familiar if you’re not in the blogging world. I’ll teach you what mistakes to avoid, how to maximize your earnings and I will also give you step by step instructions with lots of free resources of how to get started earning money as a blogger.

Now I have a book. It’s called “WordPress for Beginners: Simple Guide to Blogging for Profit”. This book is available on Amazon and you can access that book right now to get started right away with your blog.

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