What It Really Means to Be a Successful Blogger

what is really means to be a successful blogger

What does it mean to you when people talk about “a successful blogger”? Do you conjure up images of bloggers excitedly rolling around naked in a huge stash of cash because their sales just come rolling in? Or do you think being a successful blogger means receiving thousands of page views per day and having more than your fair share of subscribers? Or do you believe that a blogger who has a huge social media following is the epitome of success? What are your views about who a successful blogger is?

The truth is that success is different things to different people. For the greater part of my blogging journey, I equated my success with the engagement level of my audience, the size of my audience whether or not I was making a “decent” income from blogging. Based on these requisites, I did not consider myself a successful blogger. Nevertheless, I was determined to get there, to reach that point where I truly considered myself successful.

I established lofty blogging goals for myself – I had a clear idea of exactly how many visitors I wanted to attract per day, how many pages I wanted them to read with each visit, how many new subscribers I wanted to attract, how many new social media followers I wanted, how many comments and likes I wanted to receive on my blog or through social media, how highly I wanted my pages ranked in Google search engines, how good I wanted my Alexa rank to be, and on and on and on. Over time, I have come to realize and accept that I had made blogging a job, a chore that had to be completed instead of what I really wanted it to be.

Words Have So Much Power

When I just started out blogging, my goal was never to make money. I wanted to reach people, to influence them, to let my voice be heard and to truly make a difference in someone’s life through my words. Because words have so much power. And I have always loved expressing myself in written format. But when I learnt that I could actually earn money from this thing, my focus changed. Now it was all about the numbers. It was no longer about doing something that I loved just because, it had now become an obsession with money.

Yes, I hate to admit it but it had gotten to that point. And when my grand earning expectations were not realized, I lost my zeal. I lost my passion. I didn’t want to blog anymore. Because I did not consider myself successful. When I would compare myself to other bloggers who were earning from their blog, I became very demotivated and frustrated. I just never ever seemed to be able to match up to their levels of success. So I just gave up. Really. I didn’t want to continue doing something that I had come to believe was a waste of time.

Looking back, I realize that I was wrong in my evaluation of my success. I was wrong in how I measured my success because I was basing my success on how “the world” views blogging success. But for me, I had to go back to the start of my blogging journey and ask myself why did I get started in the first place. Why did I even bother to start? And the answer is that I simply wanted to share my thoughts, my knowledge, with others. That’s it. I wanted to share.

to the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world

With sharing being my primary motivation, I can now look back and say that, yes, I am indeed a successful blogger. I have shared and persons have responded. I may not have a huge subscriber base or a huge social media following, but I am certainly grateful for those who have chosen to read my work, for those who have ever liked, commented on or shared any of my work. Because the truth is, that without my readers, I really would be doing this thing in vain.

So I have made a right about turn and I have returned to where I first began. I blog because I love to write and I love to share my ideas. It is not so much about how huge my following is, or how much money I can make from blogging. But it is more about how great of an impact I am able to make on those who do follow me. That is what truly matters. To the world I may be one person, but to one person, I may be the world.

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If I can make a difference in the life of one person through my blogging, then my task has been accomplished. I can say that I am indeed a successful blogger. It took me quite a while to come to this conclusion, but thank God, I am finally there.

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