4 Reasons to Increase Your Freelance Rates Now

The most financially successful freelancers set freelance rates that reflect their experience, their level of expertise and the amount of value added service that they can provide. Using random freelance rates just based on what other freelancers are charging may not be the best way to establish a good income as a freelancer.¬†As a freelancer, … Read more

The Freelance Job Offer That Kept Me Laughing

Have you ever received a freelance job offer that kept you laughing? I received one this past week and I have decided to share it with you guys. I just love it when I get offers from prospective clients to complete jobs on their behalf. It is just a great feeling to actually be offered … Read more

How to Launch a Successful Freelance Business

Many persons wonder whether they will be able to launch a successful freelance business. The number one concern among both existing and prospective freelancers is how to generate a steady stream of freelance jobs. Because, when all is said and done, your success as a freelancer hinges on your ability to always have jobs in … Read more

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