This Should Go Viral- Why You Should Be Grateful and More!

this should go viral

It’s Friday April 8, 2016 and it is a wonderful sunny day here today. The birds are singing and there is a very gentle breeze sweeping through my home. It sure feels like a Friday. Somehow Fridays just have a way of making me feel light and happy and ready to put up my feet, let down my hair, relax and just enjoy life. Do you feel the same way about Fridays?

Well its another opportunity for me to show my appreciation for you, my fellow bloggers who have outdone yourselves producing content that really should go viral. This week I found a good combination of funny, and informative posts. Please take some time to check out each one and to share them with your network. Let’s support each other folks!

Does This Make Sense to You? by Carol Graham had me cracking up this week. Carol obviously is a lover of dogs and her post demonstrated this very well. If you are looking for an entertaining read, you should definitely check out Carol’s blog post. And please remember to share the laughter with your network!

How to Become Rich – Do you want to know how to become rich? Check out this very informative post on the Money Nuggets blog. The article is geared towards women but the guidance is suitable for both males and females. The central point of this excellently written article is that there are certain habits that the rich have that you need to emulate if you wish to join the ranks of “the rich”. Very interesting read. You should check it out. This should go viral!

Why You Should Be Grateful in Life by James caused me to stop and reflect upon my own life and to just give God thanks for everything, even those things that have been “bad”. James rightly points out that every cloud has a silver lining and that we can be grateful for bad situations because they give us the opportunity to learn new things and to grow. We all need to adopt an attitude of gratitude. Give James’ article a read. It will refresh your spirit. This should go viral!

An Open Letter to Advertisers offers lots of food for thought for all bloggers, but especially for travel bloggers. Trisha makes some very solid arguments about how sponsors should approach bloggers if they want their requests to be honored. No we bloggers aren’t all desperate for sponsorship and we will not bend over backwards and compromise our morals just to be paid to write a positive review of a product or service that stinks. You must see this article! This should go viral too!

Personal Trainer Food Review is for all you who are looking for an option when it comes to managing your weight. This review was very comprehensive and answers many of the questions that you may have about a weight management program. According to the producers of this program, weight loss if 90% food and only 10% exercise. Not sure if I agree with this view but it’s worth giving it a try if you have tried everything else to lose weight and nothing works. Check it out! This should go viral!

Have you written a post that you think is good enough to go viral? Share it with us in the Bloggers Supporting Bloggers Google Plus Community and we will help you make it go viral. Together we all can achieve more!

Cheers! Have a great weekend!


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